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DISCLOSURE (24.06.2016)

24 Haziran 2016

DISCLOSURE (24.06.2016)
  1. Suspect Prof. Dr. Mustafa Aşkar is an instructor at Ankara University Divinity School , Basic Islamic Studies Programme .

  2. Suspect participated as guest to tv program “Ramazan Sevinci” ( Joy of Ramadan ) broadcasted on 12.06.2016 on TRT-1 tv channel .

  3. Suspect has expressed the following during the program “ One of said something there, he said : Is there any other living being who prostrates except human ? No ! Human has been ergonomically created for prayer. The only prostrating living being is human. So, let me make it straight, verse tells that too, don’t take it heavy but, I mean animals do not pray, ones who do not pray are animal as well !”

  4. As one can see, suspect has labelled the non-prayer people as animals. In Turkish Language Association’s dictionary, the Word “animal” is described as “ A living creature which has the ability to move and feel, act with instincts.” Again the Word “animal” is described as “ A Word used against people who are fool, senseless, rude, boorish or got mad at“ in the same dictionary. It is apparent that suspect used the Word “animal” as an insult.

  5. It is an unarguable fact that suspect committed the offense of libel with his act according to Turkish Penal Code ( TCK ) Article 125 . Besides, suspect did not only insult but committed the crime of “ provocating community to hate and hostility or humiliating” according to Turkish Penal Code ( TCK ) Article 216 by following;

  • Encouraging one segment of society to hate and hostility against another segment having different social class, race, religion and sect, humiliating them

  • Humiliating the religious values of a segment of society

Again, the crime was committed openly through press.

Dear Valued Press,

As you all know, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Akşar insulted muslim and non-muslim people by resembling non-prayer people as “animal” during his participation to “Ramazan Sevinci” tv programme on 12th June on TRT-1 tv channel. We , Turkish Atheism Association were extremely offended by this expression and shared this via a press release. Today, we declare that, we do not share our inconveniency by only a press release but also officially made an allegation according to Turkish Penal Code’s ( TCK ) articles 125 and 126.

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