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Press Release about Cihangir Attack

19 Haziran 2016

Press Release about Cihangir Attack

Violation of Privacy is the enemy of Humanity !

There is nothing to get used to, tolerate, develop an empathy or try to understand ! The attack in an indoor place in Firuzağa, against young people listening music and drinking is an attack against values of Turkey Republic and human rights !The offenders of this hate crime should be punished as soon as possible. Everyone having human values should not allow the case to be be perceieved as if it’s a simple crime committed by some insignificant number of mafia wannabes/vagrants and/or the file to be simply closed. Again, Beyoğlu Mayor, Ahmet Misbah Demircan – backing up those small nondescript mafia losers barefacedly and senselessly , accusing those young people of provocating(!) them by drinking alcohol - should be called to account for supporting this hate crime.

This disgraceful case is a result of official policies that bring different segments of people against each other !

We - as being secular and respectful people for human rights - are aware that this attack is not a frenzy of a group of believers for their religious goals but an organized intimidation operation.

This country is precious enough for not being left alone to mafia wannabes, vagrants, despicables, degenerates and religion traders. We expect Beyoğlu mayor to apologise for his senseless statements, call all competent authorities and organs for doing their duties and remind that we will be following the case in all aspects.

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